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Keystone's Main AttractionIn 1881, the first recorded placer mining claim on Battle Creek served as the beginning of a long association between the minerals, the miners, and the community that would become Keystone.

Gold mining gave the town its name in 1891 as the Keystone Gold Mine was founded. For many years, the fortunes of Keystone depended on the mineral markets—gold, feldspar, cassiterite(tin), arsenic, and pegmatite have all been mined in or around Keystone.

Tourism replaced mining as Keystone's bread and butter in the late 1920s. In 1927 Gutzon Borglum chose nearby Mt. Rushmore for a carving of four American presidents. Borglum hired a number of Keystone miners for jobs on the mountain because of their experience in mining and with explosives. By 1941, America's Shrine of Democracy was a reality-due in large part to the determination and labor from the Keystone folks.

The 1880 TRAIN Depot at KeystoneToday, Keystone is a seasonal community that caters primarily to the millions of guests that visit Mt. Rushmore every year. Informational and entertaining attractions, museums and gift shops line the streets of the town. While in the area, visitors can choose from a nice selection of hotel and motel rooms, campgrounds, and restaurants. If you are on the way to see George, Tom, Teddy and Abe up on the mountain, then Keystone is your "keystone" in the Black Hills.

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