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Capital - Cheyenne American Bison - Wyoming State Mammal
Nickname – Big Wyoming, Equality State, Cowboy State
Motto – "Equal Rights"
Admitted To Union – July 10, 1890 -- 44th State
Size – 97,914 square miles
Highest Point - Gannett Peak; 13,804 feet
Lowest Point - Belle Fourche River; 3,100 feet
Geographic Center - Fremont, 58 miles northeast of Lander
Topography - Great Plains rise to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains; Continental Divide crosses the state from northwest to the southeast.
Population – (2000) 493,782
State Flower – Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja linariaefolia)
State Mammal – Bison
State Bird - Meadowlark
State Tree – Plains Cottonwood (Populus sargentii)
Song – Wyoming
State Gemstone – Jade
State Fish - Walleye
State Reptile – Horned Toad
State Fossil – Knightia (prehistoric fish)
Largest Cities - Cheyenne, Casper, Laramie, Gillette, Rock Springs, Sheridan, Green River, Evanston, Riverton, Cody
Economy - Agriculture: Cattle, sugar beets, sheep, hay, wheat
Industry - Coal mining, oil and chemical products, lumber and wood products, tourism.
Flag - A bison on a blue field bordered in white and red. The state seal branded on the bison. The woman represents the state motto "Equal Rights" and the two men represent cattle ranchers and miners. The words "Livestock", "Mines", "Grains" and "Oil" represent Wyoming's wealth. The eagle and shield show support for the United States. The dates 1869 and 1890 tell when Wyoming organized as a territory of the United States and when it became a state.
Origin of state's name - Based on an Algonquin or Delaware Indian word meaning "large prairie place"
Famous Wyomingites -
James Bridger - trapper, guide and storyteller
John Colter - trader
June Etta Downey - educator
Thomas Fitzpatrick - mountain man and guide
Curt Gowdy - sportscaster, Green River
Tom Horn - detective
Isabel Jewell - actress
Velma Linford - writer
Ted Olson - writer
Jackson Pollock - painter, Cody
Alan K. Simpson – former U.S. senator
Francis E. Warren - first state governor
Chief Washakie - chief of the Shoshone
James G. Watt - former secretary of the Interior