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Native American Group

Native American Culture and the Black Hills 1750-1865

In 1775-76, an Oglala war party traveling west from the Missouri River area came to the Black Hills. The Black Hills were occupied at that time by the Cheyenne, along with the Kiowa and Crow. But by 1794, after constant warfare, the Oglala and Brule ...
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Charles Badger Clark, Jr.

Badger Clark, poet, lecturer, and traveler, was South Dakota's Poet Laureate for twenty years. Born in Iowa, Clark was only three months old when his family cam...
Mount Rushmore Cave

Rushmore Marks 75 Years!

On August 10, 1927, Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States, spoke at Mt. Rushmore to dedicate Gutzon Borglum’s visionary project that was to become America’s Shrine of Democracy. The 75th anniversary celebration kicked off with live ...