ATV Riding Travel SD

The Black Hills National Forest has 600 miles of trails for ATV riding, so this area is the best in the Black Hills for riders. It also has 347 miles of trail system that can only be accessed by off-road vehicles that are 62 inches or less in width. Riders will travel through thick forests, deep canyons and gulches, and peaceful meadows. A motorized trail permit is required. This costs $20 per week or $25 annually. Obtain an up-to-date Black Hills Forest Service map before heading out for a ride.

Designated locations in the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands are another popular riding location. At the Railroad Buttes ORV area, riders can traverse dirt bluffs and wide-open plains.

ATV riding is tons of fun and will add excitement and adventure to your weekend or vacation. You will be full of adrenaline as you ride over creeks, rocks, and narrow trails. The Black Hills ponderosa forests will provide the perfect backdrop for a ride!

There is no minimum age or license needed for ATV riding off-road. However, when driving on the road, riders need a valid driver’s license.

ATV riding is best in the summer, as the spring and fall can still have ice and be slippery.


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To find ATV information and events in South Dakota, check out the South Dakota ATV/UTV Association at