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Gluten-Free Guide to the Black Hills

It can be difficult finding a restaurant that caters to the gluten intolerant, or even those who are eating gluten-free for personal reasons, so we’ve compiled a list of all the best gluten-free restaurants around the Black Hills! This list includes restaurants that have specialty menu options for those on a gluten-free diet.



  • Harry’s Spaghetti Western Restaurant
    • This quaint restaurant serves gluten-free pasta and bread for an addition $1.95 each.


  • Grizzly Creek
    • A gluten-free menu is available by asking a server.



  • Killian’s
    • Killian’s indicates on the menu which items are gluten-free, including appetizers, pub plates, entrees, and a dessert.
  • Bay Leaf Cafe
    • This cafe has gluten-free burger buns available for an extra $1, gluten-free dessert, and works to accommodate the dietary needs of customers.
  • Lucky’s 13 Pub
    • Lucky’s offers a separate gluten-free menu with appetizers, salads, soups, sides, burgers, sandwiches, and entrees. Gluten-free buns and bread are both offered.



  • Black Hills Burger and Bun Co.
    • While they can’t guarantee there will be no cross contamination, the “best burger joint in America” serves burgers with a gluten-free bun for an additional $1.59.
  • Buglin’ Bull Restaurant and Sports Bar
    • Gluten-free burger buns are an extra $2 and gluten-free pizza crust is also an extra $2. There are several other gluten-free menu items like the walleye.
  • Baker’s Bakery & Cafe
    • This bakery offers gluten-free buns or toast for an additional $1.50.


Rapid City

  • Blaze Pizza
    • Gluten-free dough can be used when making the pizza. Their website has a complete listing of all menu items with and without gluten, as well as other common allergens.
  • (kōl)
    • This modern restaurant indicates on their menu which items are gluten-free. Pizzas can be made with gluten-free crust and many other options are offered.
  • Harriet & Oak
    • Trendy Harriet & Oak has gluten-free and vegan buddha bowls on their healthy menu. These bowls are packed full of ingredients like tofu, quinoa, and sweet potato.
  • Tally’s Silver Spoon
    • Gluten-free breakfast and lunch options are available for an additional $1. Gluten-free rice pasta is offered for all of the pasta dishes.