BH Gold

Originating from a legend, Black Hills Gold Jewelry has ultimately become one of the Black Hills region’s most recognized and collectible products. The familiar tri-colored leaf and grape design of Black Hills Gold has become a symbol for the area over the past century, and into the new millennium.

It is widely acknowledged that a would-be gold prospector named Henri LeBeau was the father of Black Hills Gold’s distinctive grapes and leaves pattern. The legend of Black Hills Gold’s design is attributed to a dream said to have been experienced by LeBeau while he was wandering in the Hills in the late 1870s. Upon falling asleep in a remote location in the northern Black Hills, LeBeau dreamed of a creek with numerous grape vines growing along its banks. When Henri awoke, he stumbled over the next hill to see a scene much like the one in his dream. LeBeau later set about making a line of jewelry that reflected this dream, and went on to train many of the early Black Hills craftsmen in this style of design—Black Hills Gold Jewelry became a reality.

The style of jewelry actualized by LeBeau has become a tradition, and today’s Black Hills Gold reflects much of its original design—with a wide range of new variations. The manufacturers of Black Hills Gold Jewelry in the region produce a diverse selection of special themes based upon this famous original design of rose, green, and yellow gold in the grapes and leaves pattern. By Federal mandate, production of Black Hills Gold Jewelry is limited to companies actually manufacturing in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

So, a visit to the Black Hills will not be complete without a stop to check out the wide range of Black Hills Gold Jewelry styles. From the inexpensive remembrances to elaborate jewel-studded masterpieces, the choices in this style of jewelry are nearly limitless. These pieces will provide a great memory of your visit to the Black Hills, and will become an heirloom for generations. Besides, you can tell everybody at home that you discovered gold in the Black Hills, too!