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Exploring Black Hill’s Hidden Ghost Towns: Carbonate

South Dakota has no shortage of historic “tourist attraction” ghost towns, complete with gift shops and tour guides. But if you’re looking for a unique glimpse into the history of the Black Hills, take a walk off the beaten path and go hunting for th...

Butte-Lawrence County Fair

The Butte-Lawrence County Fair has been going strong for over 35 years! Held each year in Nisland during the late summer, this small town fair is distinctly “So...
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Exploring Black Hill’s Hidden Ghost Towns: Galena

All too often, remaining ghost towns have deteriorated to the point that it is difficult to imagine what it had been like. Galena is an exception. Only a couple miles from Deadwood, it is very well-maintained by the couple remaining residents and the...
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A Culinary Adventure in Rapid City

Celebrate Downtown's distinctive dining during the third annual Downtown Rapid City Restaurant Week from Friday, Jan. 12 to Saturday, Jan. 20. Downtown Rapid City Restaurant Week is a collaboration between the Downtown Rapid City Business Group...