Driving through South Dakota, visitors see hundreds of signs pointing to Wall Drug. There are signs all over the world leading to this drug store in the small town of Wall. It likely has the most effective marketing campaign in the state’s history!

Wall Drug got its start as a tourist attraction with the promise of free water for travelers. The store began in 1931, and business was meager. The town of Wall had been hit hard by the Great Depression. The husband and wife team had considered selling, but decided to take one last shot at success. They put up some signs along the highway with the promise of free water, and business began picking up.

Today, Wall Drug attracts up to 20,000 people on a good summer day. Wall Drug has stores that sell souvenirs and trinkets, the cafe, main store, and a pharmacy.

Their Western Art Gallery Restaurant has not only great food and five cent coffee, but also the largest privately owned western and illustration art collection in the country!

Before you leave, be sure to take a photo on the jackalope and grab an infamous Wall Drug donut – a local favorite.