Black Hills Outdoor Activities

Are you a hiker? Do your kids love to ride mountain bikes? Is fishing more to your liking? Do you like to ski down challenging slopes and snowmobile over remote trails? Or, do you just want to sit back and watch those deer and antelope do whatever it is the old song says? If any or all of these apply to you, then the Black Hills is your kind of place!

Have you ever been told to take a hike? Well, in the Black Hills you can! There are trails and paths designed to accommodate hikers, cyclists, volksmarchers, riding horses and even snowmobiles in season on portions of the routes. Downhill skiing is great in the Black Hills as well. Do you like to get a better view of the surroundings? Then rock climbing might be for you. With all of the granite outcroppings and geologic formations that the Black Hills offers, there are literally hundreds of possibilities for the veteran or novice climber. If you have specific questions, please contact either the South Dakota or the Wyoming Departments of Transportation, the Game, Fish and Parks Department in either state, or the U.S. Forest Service.

Would you rather keep powered wheels under you on your travels around the Hills? Then the various state and federal highways, plus many local roads are ideal for recreational driving. The Black Hills region’s scenery is definitely unique, and area wildlife photography couldn’t be more gratifying and abundant. Speaking of recreation, how about camping? Is it in your own RV, or is it in a tent at a remote campground? Or is it somewhere in the middle? Great, the Black Hills has many spots where you want to camp. The opportunites are many for hunting and fishing in all seasons as well.

There is so much to do and see here—including all of the previously mentioned activities and more. Come and experience all the new, and old, that the Black Hills has to offer—there IS something for every one in the family!