Wine Kissing


The wineries located in and around the Hills provide the perfect excuse for vacationers to explore something other than the typical—which is exactly what an increasing number of people are looking for every season of the year. Whether you are a “grape novice” or an experienced wine connoisseur, you will love tasting the different flavors directly from the source at one of our local wineries.

The Black Hills Wine Trail along Highway 385 connects the charming tasting rooms in Hill City and Custer with the tasting rooms in Deadwood. A big reason to visit wineries is to learn, so don’t feel like you need to know everything about wine before you visit a winery; just enjoy yourself and the overall experience. For wine-tasting basics, you’re in a great area—as the Black Hills tasting rooms tend to be laid back, at least compared to the Napa experience.

So, if you’re fresh off the Mickelson and want to stop by a tasting room—wearing shorts and your Merrells—go for it. Personable, well-informed guides will then introduce you to the wines the winery produces—along with the local stories behind each label.

When selecting the varieties of wines you would like to try, take this opportunity to sample some of the regional specialties. Keep in mind that local producers might feature wines from berries or grapes, so you might be in for something new. Also, many of these wines have won international awards!

Oftentimes, the sommelier will start with whites, then pour reds, then finish with dessert wines. Several tasting rooms offer complimentary wine tastings; if there is a fee, the host will let you know.

Tasting room gift shops feature locally made crafts and wine-themed gadgets or gifts to commemorate your visit.

Sample Suggestions

Step away from the grapes you know for a little while, and try some of the area’s award-winning flavors. Allow your taste buds to journey through the countless options of wines, starting with the lightest whites and progressing to the heaviest reds. A sip of water and a plain cracker between tastes will help to clear your palate.