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Native American


Paha Sapa – The Black Hills

Crazy Horse, Deadwood, Wild Bill Hickok, George Hearst, Red Cloud, George Armstrong Custer, Homestake, Poker Alice, Gutzon Borglum, Peter Norbeck, Rushmore, Kor...
medicine wheel wyoming

Medicine Wheel, Wyoming

The Medicine Wheel Passage route of today’s US Highway 14A through the Bighorn Mountains of northern Wyoming is the modern trail near a significant historical a...
Bison Grazing

Everything You Need to Know About Bison

Bison, also called buffalo, are the largest land mammal in the North America. They stand from five to seven feet tall at the shoulder, and can be an intimidatin...
Dignity Statue

They Call Her Dignity

Overlooking the Missouri River in Chamberlain is the striking 50-foot tall Dignity Statue. The stainless steel statue is of a young Native American woman with a...
lewis and clark illustration

Lewis and Clark Expedition

2004 marked the two hundredth anniversary of one of the more influential explorations in the history of the United States — The Lewis and Clark Expedition of th...
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Korcazk Ziolkowski (1908 – 1982)

It is amazing how some lives are bound together, even if those involved never met. That is exactly the case with the famed Oglala Chief Crazy Horse and the fame...